Help Stu by Making a Donation





This is 501C3 compliant and tax deductible!


You can donate to Stu Taylor by credit card on Conservation Force’s web site at

or by postal mailing to 3240 S. I-10 Service Rd. W., Suite 200, Metairie, LA 70001. They need to designate the purpose as Stu Taylor.  You will receive an acknowledgement for your income tax deduction purposes.




4 thoughts on “Help Stu by Making a Donation

  1. Stu, Just sent a donation and you have my sincerest hopes for a full recovery. I have been around too many wounded soldiers in my career, and I know the hard road you have ahead of you. Fight and keep on fighting. Rehab will be one of the toughest things in your life, but it is what will return you to the profession you love. God speed. Joe Taylor, Major General, USA (Ret)

  2. Dear Stu, we try to help you from Russia. I’ve translated into Russian and posted Jumbo’s article on a Russian hunting network ( and it seems to have feedbacks. It has more than 80 reviews by now. Some hunters turn out to know you or heard about you and they promissed to help by donations. I trust their promises will materialize. Anyways, let it empower you at least a bit that we care. Wish you soonest possible recovery!

    • Dear Liudmila,
      Jumbo here. I have been on the phone to Stu (he has very limited internet in Bulawayo). He is very appreciative of everything that you are doing (and everybody else from around the world). He is due to travel back to Johannesburg on the 23rd to see the Doctors and to schedule the next operation. We will keep you updated.

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